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Proudly protecting children's rights and empowering parents to self-advocate.  

Special Education Law and Advocacy


When we send our children to school, we expect them to receive the best education possible.  We support educators by reinforcing skills at home.  However, there are children who struggle educationally.  There may be clues that your child needs additional assistance or specialized instruction. These include problems with focus and attention,behavioral problems, taking longer to comprehend information, speaking differently than same age peers, problems with body movement, difficulty seeing or hearing, etc. Once the child’s needs are recognized, schools should begin the problem- solving process.  The team develops interventions to address those needs.   
As the parent, you know your child’s needs and you should be actively involved in the process every step of the way.  In fact, if you recognize that your child has special learning needs, YOU may also refer your child to the school’s  Student Support Team/Response to Intervention Team. 

Do you feel that a school is not addressing your child's needs (you feel unheard) or you feel that you and your child's rights have been violated?  Some examples include failure to identify/evaluate, excessive suspensions of a child with a disability, inadequate services in the child's Individualized Education Program, etc.  LQ Law, PC was founded by an experienced (former) special education teacher/speech therapist/program manager of special education, turned attorney/educational advocate, so she understands special education law.


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