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Child Support/Contempt

What is child support?  Child support is a legal obligation to provide financial support in the form of regular payments.  The money is used to provide for the basic necessities of the child (e.g. housing, food, clothes, educational needs, medical needs, etc.).  Monthly child support payments are set according to Georgia state guidelines.  The court considers several factors when determining the amount of support to be paid.  These include but are not limited to BOTH parents’ income, number of children requiring support, and parenting time. BOTH parents are responsible for providing financial support to their child/ren, so BOTH parents are responsible for a percentage of the financial obligation.  Georgia has child support guidelines and calculators to assist with this determination.

Contempt:  Contempt occurs when a court's order is willfully disobeyed.  If a parent fails to pay child support, he/she may be found in contempt.  

Child support must be paid until the child reaches 18, dies, marries, or becomes emancipated. If a child continues his/her education to a secondary school, the payments may continue until the child turns 20.

If you have questions regarding child support (amount, arrearage, etc.), contact LQ Law, PC.

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